European victims of terrorism talk to the audience about their experiences and the work carried out by their associations, and outline their demands before representatives of various European media companies .



The congress was opened by the Portuguese Secretary of State for Justice, José Magalhães, Vice President of APAV, João Lázaro, and the Director of NAVT, Maria Lozano

Victims of terrorism from various European countries, such as Ángeles Pedraza (Spain), Sue Hanisch (UK), Danièle Klein (France) and Giampaolo Giuliano (Italy) took part in the first panel, “The Voice of the Victims”

The next panel was made up of the invited European journalists. Contributions from Charlotte Hume (BBC, ITN, UK), Fernando Lázaro (El Mundo, Spain), Jean-Jacques Le Garrec (France 2, France) and Luciano Borghesan (La Stampa, Italy) were moderated by Orlando Caesar, Chairman of the Board of Ethics for the Portuguese Union of Journalists

In the afternoon, the working groups related to supporting victims of terrorism took place

You can find a more detailed summary of the day here.