This new conference organised by the NAVT took place at the European Commission Headquarters in Spain 


A large delegation of European victims of terrorism shared their experiences and exchanged ideas with speakers invited by the organization.

The first panel, chaired by El Mundo journalist Fernando Lázaro, focused on the gaps and the lessons learnt from procedures on the ending of terrorism with contributions from Alessandro Melano from Italy, Jeannette Warke from Britain and Mikel Buesa from Spain

After the coffee break, we had an opportunity to listen to MEP Carlos Iturgaiz who presented a very clear vision on The appropriate role of victims in anti-terrorism policies and the position of national and local governments in confronting terrorism

The second panel, Victim initiatives: achievements and challenges, was chaired by the Inma Castilla de Cortázar, President of the Ermua Forum, who shared knowledge of current achievements in Spain with delegates. Participating in this panel were Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc, General Director of the French Association of Victims of Terrorism; Anne Morgan and Kieran Megraw from Northern Ireland; and Enrico Boffa, Vice-President of the Italian Association

Before the concluding remarks and close of the conference by NAVT Director María Lozano, we had the opportunity to listen to Janet Haddington who described the role of victims after the London terrorist attack on 7th July

Readers can read a complete summary of the Conference on the NAVT Website in the Official Events section