On this 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 11th March, 2004, in Madrid, several commemorations took place to remember the victims of the attacks and their family members.

On the evening of 10th March, the European Commission’s official ceremony was held with the participation of numerous victims of terrorism from around the world who wished to accompany the victims from Madrid during these heartfelt days. Eloy Morán, a victim of the Madrid attacks, pronounced a touching speech narrating his personal story and taking stock of these 10 years.

 On the morning of 11th March, there was a funeral service with representatives from many institutions in the Almudena cathedral to remember the victims, in the presence of the King and Queen of Spain. Several associations and city councils held commemorative acts all around the country.

In addition, the AAV11-M paid a virtual tribute by creating a wall in the social media where all the outpourings of support and affection were posted in what was intended as a tribute to all of Spanish society, which had acted so extraordinarily in those days.