Prince Charles unveiled the memorial in Hyde Park: 52 steel pillars to commemorate each one of the victims

Amsterdam has been able to hear "The Voice of the Victims" and the audience participated, along with the protagonists of the event, in a work table on social cohesion.

José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, General Director of the Office of Support to Victims of Terrorism in Spain, Mathew jury, counsel for the United Kingdom, Antoine Alexiev and David Ruzie of France and of Italy Roberto Della Roca explained the current situation of the victims in each of their countries and the legislation applicable to them.

“The Voice of the Europeans Victims” was heard in the beautiful City Hall, with representatives of local institutions and regional interventions were preceded by the opening words of Marie-Ange Balbinot, head of the Anti-Terrorist European Commission.

On 11 March 2009, we celebrated the European V Day in remembrance of the Victims of Terrorism. Last year we had the opportunity to read a message that was sent to us by the Vice President of the European Commission, Franco Frattini, inaugurating the virtual monument. For the new tribute that was organized by NAVT this year, we would like to add the words that were sent for this occasion by Mr. Jacques Barrot, the Vice President of the European Commission and the European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security.

The European victims joined the Spanish and put flowers near the 191 cypress planted in memory of those killed in the attacks on trains in Madrid.

Victims of terrorism share with the European media his current situation

The last March 10 took place the tribute organized by the European network. A video of Jacques Barrot, Vice president of the European Commission, opened the event.

Last Tuesday the English town of Warrington received “The Voice of the Victims”, an event in which the protagonists shared their experiences and opinions with those attending.

Last 27 May, the various European Associations of Victims of Terrorism held a working session in the Belgian capital.

From the Network, we would like to extend our thanks to all the people who have contributed to making this virtual commemoration a reality. On this special date, the solidarity and support shown from such diverse parts of the plant reaffirm our commitment to work on behalf of and for victims of terrorism.